Approved Electives

The following courses may be used to satisfy some of the Advanced Biological Sciences elective requirements. Please consult with your advisor as to which courses may be suitable for your specific needs.

Chemistry 361/362: Biochemistry and Lab (5 hours)
Chemistry 363: Intermediary Metabolism (3 hours)
Chemistry 367: Industrial Chemistry (3 hours)
Chemistry 371: Nuclear and Radiochemistry (3 hours)
Chemistry 467: Intermediary Metabolism and Biosynthesis (3 hours)
Chem Eng 345: Chemical Engineering in Biochemical Technology (3 hours)
Chem Eng 351: Principle of Environmental Monitoring (3 hours)
Chem Eng 361: Environmental Chemodynamics (3 hours)
Elec Eng 345: Digital Imaging Processing (3 hours)
Elec Eng 347: Machine Vision (3 hours)
Env Eng 361: Environmental Law and Regulations (3 hours)
Env Eng 362: Public Health Engineering (3 hours)
Env Eng 460: Chemical Principles in Environmental Eng Systems (3 hours)
Env Eng 461: Biol Principle in Environmental Eng Systems (3 hours)
Env Eng 463: Biol Operations in Environmental Eng Systems (3 hours)
Eng Mg 330: Industrial Ecology (3 hours)
Geol 376: Aqueous Geochemistry (3 hours)
Ge Eng/Geol 345: Radioactive Waste Management and Remediation (3 hours)
Ge Eng 348: Remedial Eng for Uncontrol. Hazard. Waste Sites (3 hours)
Met 313: Scanning Electron Microscopy with Lab (3 hours)
Nuc Eng 333: Health Physics (3 hours)
Nuc Eng 335: Radiation Protection Eng (3 hours)
Stat 213: Applied Statistics
New Course: Biostatistics