Pre-law for Biology Majors

The first requirement for law school admission is to earn a bachelor's degree. Law schools admit students from a wide variety of programs of study. While history and political science have been the traditional route to law, today's law school students come from a wide variety of pre-law academic backgrounds. Liberal arts and sciences courses (biological sciences, chemistry, computer science, economics, English, history, philosophy, physics, and psychology) offered at Missouri S&T can be used as the basis for pre-law study. Pre-law majors in engineering and mines and metallurgy can provide unique backgrounds for special litigation in patent law, or the problems of product liability and government regulations. A successful pre-law program requires course planning to include fundamentals that are essential for legal training, such as accounting, logic, language skills and a general understanding of the concepts of psychology, sociology, and economics. Any student planning to apply to law school should expect to show above-average academic ability. Pre-law advising at Missouri S&T involves information about courses/curricula, law school admissions, the Law School Admissions Test and national entrance procedures.