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Current Research

Biological Sciences at Missouri S&T provides a research intensive environment. Importantly, the faculty is committed to engaging our students in this discovery process.

Research Laboratories

Dr. David WestenbergMicrobiology
Dr. Ronald FrankPlant Molecular Genetics
Dr. Anne MagliaBioinformatics
Dr. Robert AronstamNeurobiology
Dr. Melanie MormileEnvironmental Microbiology
Dr. Dev NiyogiFreshwater Ecology
Dr. Katie ShannonCytokinesis
Dr. Yue-wern HuangEnvironmental Toxicology
Dr. Roger BrownBiomaterials

Research Centers and Initiatives Developed by BioSci Faculty

Amphibian Anatomical Ontology
Center for Bioimaging
iGEM Synthetic Biology Design Team
MS&T cDNA Resource Center

BioSci Research in the News

Paradise Found Video Discoveries and Breakthroughs Inside Science Video
New Website to Aid Study of Amphibian Malformations
Missouri S&T Students Ditch Lab for Field Work
Missouri S&T Students Study Biodiveristy in Caribbean

Interdisciplinary Research

The Department of Biological Sciences has particular strength in interdisciplinary research in such areas as biomaterials (with the Materials Research Center here at Missouri S&T), environmental toxicology (with the Center for Environmental Science and Technology and the Environmental Research Center), and bio/phytoremediation (with the Environmental Research Center).

  Research Facilities

The department of Biological Sciences has 10,000 sq ft of research laboratories as well as 3 teaching laboratories, faculty and departmental offices, student study lounge, a conference room, and several core facilities. Core facilities include a microbiological prep room, vivarium, and imaging center.

  Major pieces of equipment in the department include

Genetic Analyzer AB model 3130

microbe incubators

media prep room with autoclaves

epifluorescent microscopes

CO2 incubators

-70°C freezers

high-speed centrifuges

growth chambers

sterile microdrill/micropipet system

cell culture microscopes

shaking incubators

Coy anaerobic chamber

laminar flow hoods


chemical hoods


research microscopes

microarray imaging system

gel dryer

nanopure water purification system

analytical balances

evaporative centrifuge

spectrophotometers (Nanodrop)

tissue processing system

PCR machines (inc. RT)

dark room



scintillation counters

calcium imager

gel-electrophoresis units

microtiter plate reader


UV cross-linker

semi-automatic cell-harvester


Faculty and students requiring analytical instruments have access to such equipment through the research centers at Missouri S&T such as the Environmental Research Center, the Center for Environmental Science and Technology (CEST), and the Graduate Center for Materials Research.

The Missouri S&T Animal Research Facility (managed by the department) provides access to vertebrate animals for research. The 1780 square foot facility includes colony rooms, a room for sterile surgery, a cage-washing room, and other support rooms. The recently-renovated facility complies with all applicable PHS and USDA guidelines for maintenance of vertebrate animals for research.

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