Undergraduate Certificate in BioInnovation

The Biological Sciences Department offers a unique course, BIO SCI 3783 Biological Design and Innovation, that combines biology with entrepreneurship. Students use their scientific knowledge to create a novel biological product. Throughout the process, students interact with marketing experts, patent attorneys, regional biogenerators, funding agencies, and entrepreneurs. 

The purpose of a Certificate in BioInnovation will be to further engage students who enroll in the Biological Design and Innovation course with training in entrepreneurship and advanced, innovative biological courses. Students who complete the prescribed coursework in this area will be recognized with a certificate.


In order to receive a Certificate in BioInnovation, the student must have an average cumulative grade point of 3.0 or better in the certificate courses. Once admitted to the program, a student will be given three years to complete the program.


To be awarded a certificate in BioInnovation, a student must meet the following requirements:

Required Course:
BIO SCI 3783 Biological Design and Innovation

One of the following:
BUS 1110 Introduction to Management and Entrepreneurship
BUS 5980 Business Models for Entrepreneurship and Innovation
IST 5251 Technological Innovation Management and Leadership
MKT 5310 Digital Marketing and Promotion

Two of the following:
BIO SCI 3110/CER ENG 3110/CHEM ENG 3210 Introduction to Biomedical Engineering
BIO SCI 3483 Biomedical Problems
BIO SCI 4329 Molecular Genetics Lab
BIO SCI 4373 Stem Cell Biology
BIO SCI 4666 Nanobiotechnology
BIO SCI 5210/CHEM ENG 5200/MS&E 5310 Biomaterials
BIO SCI 5240/MS&E 5210 Tissue Engineering
CHEM 4630 Bio-Nanotechnology
CHEM 4810 Chemistry and Inherent Properties of Polymers