Department Profile







The Biological Sciences Department  is a dynamic academic community focused on learning and discovery. All of our faculty teach and perform research and most of our students perform original research.

Biology draws on the physical sciences as well as the behavioral sciences for analysis and interpretation of life processes and interrelationships. The study of biology provides an academic foundation for career opportunities in:

        Industry and government (chemical, food, agriculture, pharmaceutical, environmental, research)

        Education (teaching and graduate study)

        Health professions (human medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, veterinary medicine, physical therapy, etc.)

The Biological Sciences Department mission includes:

             Offering undergraduate (BA and BS) and graduate degrees (MS)

              Providing state-of-the-art science instruction to undergraduate and graduate students

              Enabling pre-professional preparation for students interested in health profession careers

    •         Creating a challenging, supportive, collegial and rewarding environment for students, staff
          and  faculty

    •         Developing imaginative interdisciplinary research collaborations with engineering and physical
          science departments

    •         Supporting Missouri S&T 's broad mission of providing professional education in the fields of
         engineering and the allied sciences

    •         Acquiring technical capabilities in genomics and proteomics to support research efforts within the

    •         Making available coursework to support the vigorous liberal arts component of the university  

The Biological Sciences program fulfills its educational missions by providing a strong, contemporary undergraduate curriculum that serves the needs of Biology majors preparing for careers in scientific research and the health professions, as well as the needs of non-majors interested in biotechnology courses. The Missouri S&T  Biology Program is in an enviable position for participating in the leadership of the rapidly developing interface between engineering and biology.

Our Biological Sciences community includes:

                12 faculty members

              146 undergraduate majors

                16 graduate students

                12 staff members (research and support)

                 50 biologists in other Missouri S&T departments